Wednesday, September 8, 2010

*Almost* nothing with a face please...

This past weekend I went to DMB, while there, some lovely ladies who were part of PETA (people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) handed me a magazine....

I follow PETA on Facebook, and I know what they're about (I also know that they can be a bit extreme at times) but I've been too busy to really pay much attention to them lately. For years I have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian...I don't really care for meat much anyways, and I think its cruel to coop up an animal then whack off his head.

I took a peek at my magazine on Monday. Sad. So so sad. I am not going to get into details, mainly because I just got home from Wal*Mart and that place DRAINS ALL MY ENERGY, but is everyone aware of where their meat comes from? You can get friendly meat, or you can get angry meat. I encourage everyone to look into PETA, you don't have to agree with everything they say but you should at least check it out. So many animals are cooped up and abused, not to mentioned fed CRAP that we then eat.

Some people may say, so what, it's food...everything dies anyways. Well fine, I understand, BUT if YOU were the food would you rather spend your days in a nice big pasture eating natural things or would you prefer to be in a tiny dirty pen rolling around in your own poop, unable to move, and being filled with hormones and antibiotics till the day you died? Then when you died, would you like it to be quick and painless or a speedy, not always accurate way?? I'm.Just.Sayin'...

My fiance is a hunter, so I thought for sure this would be a battle but after he read the magazine he quickly decided that he didn't want to be a part of animal cruelty either so here's what we came up with, meat substitutes (beans and tofu and such), along with we will simply be careful where we get our meat. Hopefully he'll get some good hunts, if not we'll shop locally.

I encourage you to look into where you're meat comes from and put your heart into it. Also check out ...they have recipes ;)

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  1. Uh... yeah. Mike and I watched a documentary last year that pretty much stopped us in our tracks. Now we try to eat only free range meat - and from sources that we are familiar with.

    I won't stop eating meat, but there is no excuse for the cruelty that these poor creatures are forced to endure... and like you said - the crap that they are forced to eat isn't healthy for us to consume either!