Friday, September 3, 2010

DMB...who me?!

You might ask "what's DMB?" I did too when I met my fiance...all he ever talked about was his love of DMB...Dave Matthews Band. I'm pretty sure he would leave me for Mr. Dave...yes, he loves him THAT much. I used to hear alot of noise when I listened to sounded chaotic and loud, no structure whats so ever. Then Fiance had me really listen. Closely. Over and over again (he may have brain-washed me thinking back on it now) and now I hear beautiful lyrics with sounds so full of life and art. Beautiful noise is what I'm talking about here. Why am I talking about it? Two reasons really. The first reason...never dismiss something upon first glance (or listen) you might miss out on something beautiful and touching. The second reason...I'M GOING TO SEE DMB ALL WEEKEND!!!! YES!! I went last year, and like Fiance, got a little crush on Mr. Dave myself, and really just had an amazing time. I rarely go to concerts, I am fine not spending all that dough...but this is a fun, special, "get away from it all", good time for Fiance and I and I am super stoked. Yes, stoked! Thank you to my wonderful wonderful sister who will be watching Miss Madi for us :) we love ya!!


  1. They were at the Gorge this weekend all my friends went and loved it :) little sad I didn't go.

  2. It was a GREAT show and the Gorge is absolutely beautiful! A great place for a band like them! :)