Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a dogs life

You see these cute mugs?! Oh yeah they're adorable! I'd like to tell you about them. The white one is 42. I adopted him from our local shelter about 3 years ago. He was the only one in his litter that didn't get hyper when I walked in, he is unique, and he is my other baby. 42? You may ask... he was the 42'nd dog to be adopted in the month I got him from that shelter and no other name seemed to fit. Strangely 42 is a perfect fit for him. He's got some issues however: he is allergic to red dye, and has a hemorrhaging disorder where his intestines fill with blood and a terrible mess ensues. Poor guy.
The red one is Sasha. She too has a great story. I first had Sasha when My ex brother in law couldn't keep her. The ex hubs let her run nutty and she was extremely disobedient. I couldn't keep up and I gave her to Rach. Rach and her BF broke up and Rach moved to a no yard residence and Sasha stayed with ex BF. Ex BF gave her away to his friend who moved in with ex hubs then left her there when he left. Ex hubs being so responsible and kind, abandoned her in the backyard of the house we once shared and animal control was called. I received a phone call from the shelter on July 3rd this year saying they had Sasha!!! WHA?! OK!! I call Rach, who had been missing her pooch all this time and had never given her ok to give Sasha away (her leaving Sasha at ex BF's was only temp, and he had said that was ok...then gave poor pooch away) and she went and scooped up her dog. How do I have her again? Rach and I share our place and our pups. We love them like kids and they are wonderful. They fight like dogs sometimes and we have to scream to break them up but they are wonderful and loved. I decided to blog about them because sweet Sasha just gave me a swollen cheek as she overly excitedly ran past me while I was squatting to pick something up....awe...sweet sweet dogs ;)


  1. Ahh they are sweetie, poor 42 with his illness. Wow and Shasha was meant to be with you!

  2. Hahaha... look at those happy faces! ;)