Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My baby is all "growed" up

Today my little one went to FIRST GRADE! Unbelievable! I had planned to wake her with a song and dance but I hit the snooze button a few too many times, and took way way WAY too long in the shower and she beat me out of our rooms! So, I greeted her at the kitchen bar enjoying her bowl of cereal and looking so so YOUNG!!! She can't go to first grade are you kidding me?! She's just a BABY!!! What's wrong with society taking my baby and putting her with big kids?! Ok Ok deep breath...whew. I'm back. Anyways, we both woke up too early and had alot of time to kill. I did her hair twice and cleaned pet hair off her pants after she decided to roll on the floor...who does that?! ;) She's excited. I'm excited. Then finally we leave. It's a 15 minute drive and she's got ALOT to talk about this morning...we get to school and yup, it's a zoo. Then, she tugs on my hand and we stop in our tracks...Mama, I'm shy. WHAAAAAAAAAT?! Hold the phone! Who are you?! Where's my girl?! MY girls not shy!! I must have lost my kid in the zoo of kids in the school parking lot. I kneel down to take a look...same angelic and mischievous face....same funky hair....weird. I ask her why she is shy all of a sudden. She's not sure, so I say "Baby smile, hold my hand and keep on walking". We get to class and BOOM...BFF from Kindergarten is here!!!! HOLLA!!! in a moment they are off and running to the playground (eek! SO MANY BIG KIDS!!) and life is good. When the bell rings, I watch her line up, and walk into class. I kiss her cheek as she passes and tell her to be nice to everyone and that I love her. Then I am thankful for my big over sized sunglasses as I walk away because me - tough Mom wearing the camo jacket- is teary eyed that my baby is growing...


  1. It's so hard! My oldest is hitting 1st grade this year and I'm the bad mom that is putting him in a new school so his prek and K friends won't be there. But it's the same small private church like school so I don't feel so bad. But it goes all the way up to 8th grade and I hear you lot's of big kids :( ... I think I need to bust out my oversized glasses too!

  2. They sure don't stay little for very long. Enjoy her while you can. Thanks for your comment in my Blog. It was appreciated.

    Be Well.