Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shake it!!

It's been exactly 8 days since I last ate any meat and I feel pretty good about it. Poor fiance though, a friend teased him with some McDonalds, he caved and got a pretty bad belly ache. Bleck.
I donated blood yesterday and now my vein is all bruised and my arm doesn't want to work. Oh no. I'm broken. I try to give blood every 8-9 weeks and I take Madi Girl with me each time to explain to her why I'm doing it and then SHE gets the snack after. Typically my blood oozes on out, this time though, it kept stopping and it took a very long time.
School started yesterday and I finished my first class for week one...thank goodness because my math class starts next week and the thought of it makes me cringe. I hate math. Despise it, really. I wish it would go AWAY forever LOL.
Madi Girl has her second soccer practice tonight and I'm super excited to watch her play! She wants to be a ballerina, but I've seen the kid shake it and baby's got NO rythm so I talked her into soccer last year and she loves it!
I keep having some pretty interesting dreams...some of them scary and some just weird but I wake up to a house of loved ones each morning and know that I am cared for and safe.
It's only Tuesday but it's already been a long week. My thoughts are scattered, as I'm sure you can tell through my flow of words, but life is good! :)

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