Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Little Boo and A Little Yah

My fiance past this quarters finals! YAH!!! Oh my goodness, the nerves that we feel during test times are intense. The program is intense. One bad grade can fail you and kill your dreams. I wish I was exaggerating but I really am not. So for the past 3 weeks we have been tense. Our nights have been late and our mornings have been early (I stay up with him while he studies..I AM moral support). Last night I forced him to go to dinner with me so he'd take a break before he lost his mind completely. I bribed him with his favorite restaurant and told him it was a must. It was so nice. For an hour and a half we caught up with ourselves and each other and talked about everything but the program. Today he took his test, before I left for work this morning we decided that he would come have lunch with me no matter how his final went. At 11:15 he walked in and we went to lunch, he was feeling pretty good about his test but as we both know that doesn't matter. We ate lunch and for 45 minutes we talked...about school. And it was nice. At 12:45 I got the call... PASSED!!! 90% YAY!!!

My roommate had her finals today too. She did not pass. Boo! So tonight instead of going out with my fiance and his friends to celebrate, roomie and I are going to stay home and have a girlie night. Relax. Drink some drinks, and watch some movies. Of course there will be junk food...I mean comfort food.

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